Meet the characters: Ali Reza

He is the cold, expressionless, duty bound Ottoman Agent who ended up at your door on a cold London evening. Ali Reza brings forward a document which leaves you shaken in disbelief. An old contract[…]

Meet the characters: Sir William Beckett

A young prodigy. A scientist, a sword fighter, an expert rider, and a huntsman… Sir William is all of these, and something more. He is you. … He may sound like a very talented and[…]

Steam & Sword: Interactive Steampunk Novel

The story of a young English gentleman and his mysterious visitor, set in the smog filled streets of Victorian Age London. A conspiracy that would shake the foundations of empires, destroy nations, and change the[…]

About the author

Can Toraman was born on the 14th of November 1985, Ankara, Turkey. Despite being raised to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a mechanical engineer that would one day take over the family business,[…]

Dream Matter

We are an indie gaming, and digital media studio located in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Our products and sources of pride are mobile games and interactive novels. Please visit us on our Fantasy Arts Limited website,[…]