Meet The Characters

Sir William Beckett: The Lead

“Please join me in my study,” said William dryly and invited his guest upstairs.

A young prodigy.

A scientist, a sword fighter, an expert rider, and a huntsman…

Sir William is all of these, and something more.

He is you.

He may sound like a very talented and fortunate young man, but his life was scarred by a tragedy some years ago. He had lost his parents in a boat accident, and the sorrow crippled him for a long while. Although their demise left him a considerable wealth and a vast archeological artefact collection, the feeling of emptiness never stopped growing. To cope with his pain, he turned inward and worked harder than ever to achieve the only dream he had: to be accepted into the club of eccentric scientists – The Guild of Machinus.

His day of accession is getting closer, but a dawning adventure puts his efforts into peril.

Ali Reza: The Unexpected Visitor

“We must not waste any time, Sir William!”

He is the cold, expressionless, duty bound Ottoman Agent who ended up at your door on a cold London evening. Ali Reza brings forward a document which leaves you shaken in disbelief. An old contract printed on a yellowed paper, signed and registered. Here it says in bold letters that you are bound and tied to the servitude of the Ottoman Sultan, and the person who holds the document can invoke your undying loyalty when the time arises.

Well, not yours, exactly…

But your late father’s.

“A conspiracy,” he begins, and takes a glance at the mist filled street below your study. Ali Reza claims that an attack on both your nations is imminent and your aid is vital. “Better act now, before it is too late.”


“Because the enemy already knows that I am here.”



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